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The Alternative Names of Jia Yi’s Xinshu and the Dates the Names First OccurredPoon Ming Kay2Chinese - 
A Re-elucidation on Han Yu’s Theory of Ancient Prose from Two PerspectivesLi Ha28Chinese - 
Ignoring Ming Loyalists’ Criticism and Conveying History with Feelings: Love of Wu Meicun’s Life and the Eulogy for the Ming DynastyChan Ngon Fung57Chinese - 
Merchants, Artisans, Farmers, and Intellectuals: Xue Fucheng’s Reconceptualization of Social Stratification in Late Imperial ChinaRonald Chung-yam Po81Chinese - 
Textual Study          
On the Date of a Ritual Manuscript from Xiapu: Submitting to the Religion’s FounderLin Wushu102Chinese - 
St. Mary’s Canossian College, Drama, and Spiritual EducationFrederick Hok Ming Cheung138Chinese - 
Review of Ye Liya’s Dian Qi ShiBook Review164Chinese - 
184Chinese - 

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