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《發現中國當代都市與建築活力》 2016年復活節人文自然遺產考察 Chinese Civilisation Lectures--Prof. Fang Hui Special Events--Commemoration of 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascist War 復旦大學古籍保護研究院及圖書館負責人於二零一五年三月十三日來訪中國文化中心 -->
News & Annoucements


  • Chinese Calligraphy Practising Workshop
  • Nanfeng
  • Humanities, Culture, Education
  • Brushstroke and Shigin --- Chinese Calligraphy by Renowned Academicians and Scholars
  • Hong Kong Festival
  • Pride of China
  • Peony Pavilion
  • Beijing Opera
  • Chinese Gardening
  • Ancient Music
  • Hundreds Year of Thoughts
  • Timeline of Chinese History