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    Established in 1998, the Chinese Civilisation Centre was once a teaching unit aiming to develop and implement Chinese civilisation courses for undergraduate students of the University. From July 2014,
    in recognition of the value of an all-rounded and holistic education, instead of offering formal courses,
    the Centre has started to focus on holding activities that strive to widen the horizons of our students
    and enhance their cultural competence.

    Building on past accomplishments, the Centre continues to organize a wide range of activities,
    including open lectures, arts performances and exhibitions that cover a multitude of Chinese cultural topics and aspects, so as to pursue the following goals:

    ٠  To promote Chinese culture and cultivate heritage preservation through bringing the treasures and     values of Chinese civilisation to the local academia, and in a broader sense, for international     appreciation;
    ٠  Encourage students to take the initiative to learn about Chinese culture and become life-long
    ٠  To collaborate with institutions in Greater China, South-east Asia, and other parts of the world to          form an international network and carry out academic exchanges and activities regarding Chinese     cultural studies;
    ٠  Reach out to the Hong Kong community to help expand its knowledge of Chinese civilisation and     culture.